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Born in Wilmington with a background in Gospel, this singer, writer, and producer is a master craftsman at his art.  Fred Reed possesses a tremendous amount of experience in the music industry and brings something to the scene that has been missing over the years, pure and extreme talent. His debut C.D, “Good Fight of Faith” showcased his musical talent and gave Fred the experience that he needed to grow into the spectacular performer that he is today. Fred feels that music is what he was born to do, and with his God-given talent he is ready to conquer every aspect that he can. Fred has set the world on fire as he shared the stage with J. Blige, Run DMC, and the late great Gerald Levert just to name a few. As a producer, he has worked with many artists including the infamous and award-winning, Scott Spencer Storch. Fred's other passion is his community and the people who reside in it. Loving the city of Wilmington with all his heart, Fred took a brief hiatus from performing and established Reeds Refuge, a very successful non-profit facility where children can have the opportunity to develop and express their creativity. This amazing asset has provided his wonderful city with a positive alternative to what the streets have to offer, and Reeds Refuge has received many statewide accolades while serving the community and surrounding areas.

 And now Fred is back on the music scene and ready to explode with his latest masterpiece “Lovesided” which is truly a plateful of soul. It's a heartfelt C.D. with sweet lyrics and outstanding beats that cover all aspects of a relationship including the good times, break ups, lies, make-ups, etc.. Fred latest production can be summed up in one word… Dynamic (as the man himself).

There is a lot more to Fred and his talent than just being able to take a woman on a melodic journey as she thinks about that special man, or a man wanting to be close to the woman of their dreams. Fred's music contains a long-lasting substance that will forever remind us that love actually does exist. Thank you, Mr. Reed..


Fred Reed's previous album (“Good Fight of Faith”) showcased his musical talent but he has shown us a tremendous amount of growth as an artist overall since then. There is a lot more to this man than just being able to make the ladies swoon with a melodic massage or giving guys a reason to ride around with the top down in their convertibles. This is music gives us a reminder (in times where it has been lacking) that love actually does exist… and we should all be seeking it.


                                                    Ms. Sue Spears- Evolution Of Media Entertainment



He’s baaaack. Fred has taken all his talents back to the studio and his latest venture “Lovesided” is a plateful of soulful. His life’s contributions and experiences have helped him develop a more mature and fresh sound. Succeeding in bringing the smooth harmonies of soul and blending it with modern-day R&B, this album is definitely “refreshing” to the spirit. The intent of this album is to bring back the intimacy music once had…


                                                                           Spike Jones-Music World Publications




 Mr. Fred Reed is the quintessential performing artist who with song after song takes you soaring to new musical heights!! His vocals are magnificent, his lyrics are divine and his beats are awesome. This man knows who he is and what he came here to do- SING. Fred has a refreshing style that will take you back to when jams were jams and the music was hot. Right now he is about to set the world on fire-he is Mr. Fred Reed.   


                                                         Richard F. Blackwell-Blackwell 360 Entertainment

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