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PARIS ESCOVEDO - Oakland California native Paris Escovedo, has emerged to bring latin back to the world of jazz. Paris has played the timbales since he was a child. His first set of timbales was a gift from the great Tito Puente. He is both venerated and in high demand attributable to his various trail blazing works as a percussionist on studio recordings for Grammy-award-winning artists such as Angie Stone,Cousin Sheila E & Uncle Pete Escovedo< Collective Soul, and Arrested Development. Paris is the son of the late legendary percussionist Thomas “Coke” Escovedo of the Carlos Santana band of the 1970s Coke later created his groundbreaking band, Azteca. He was also the visionary responsible for ushering in latin artists to the San Francisco Bay Area music scene; artists such as, Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez, and Celia Cruz to name a few.


Paris is building upon his father’s legacy by his current undertaking of the formation of his band, the Paris Escovedo Project. He tours extensively both in the United States and abroad at several of the world’s most revered venues and festivals in order to satiate the desire of his existent and ever-increasing fan base.  All members of the Paris Escovedo Project are consummate musicians who are involved artistically in various endeavors.


The Paris Escovedo Project is a Universal TMG recording artist. Their music is classified as Ghetto Jazz; a mixture of funk and latin jazz. 


"The Paris Escovedo Project:  marvelous talent, excellent live performance...the best of latin jazz and soul".


Richard F. Blackwell


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